Saturday, October 23, 2010

"Small paintings for Upcoming Miniature Shows"

"The Wild Side of the Island" 9x12 oil on linen. This is a study of the rugged side of Monhegan Island. It is interesting how one side of the Island is a quiet cove type of setting and terrain, and the other side is so extreme and has vertical cliffs. I like both.

"The Curious One" 6x9 inches oil on linen panel. This very small painting is a study, and an attempt to describe the light. The small group of horses are grazing and basked in that band of warm light crossing the pasture. Thankfully the one mare looked back and solved my problem with title for this little painting.

"Frisky Fillies" 6x9 oil on linen. Frisky Fillies is about three horses in an early morning romp after being stabled over night. They obviously have no sense of time, and it probably felt to them as though they had been couped up in a stable forever. Fun to watch them acting up!