Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"Doing what they do best"

"Doing what they do best" 6x9 oil on linen panel
This is another small miniature, 6x9 inches. It is really a study for a larger painting, but I am doing small pieces at the moment for upcoming mini shows. This is what flight animals do best....run.....hence, the proposed title for this painting, unless I come up with something better. This is quite small for me, and the surface is quite rough for something this size, but I do like the proportion of this.....could translate into a bigger version.

This image is just to show one of many ways to beginning a painting like this, that deals with multiple figures.

Monday, September 27, 2010

"Kicking it up"

"Kicking it up" 9x12 oil on linen
I am doing several small paintings as possibilities for two miniature shows that will be coming up soon. This is the first of several I plan to paint. My plan is to do more than I actually will need, so that I can be more selective about what I choose to send.

"Kicking it up" Possible frame for this painting.

Monday, September 13, 2010

"The Sidewalk to nowhere"

This has little to do with painting I know, but thought I would post it in place of paintings that might have been created, and posted during this grueling project. This is the begining of this outside project that seemed to never end, and has been responsible for keeping me out of the studio for some time. Here I am preparing to start pouring the second section of concrete. You can see my trusty Red Husky mixer standing at the ready.

This demonstrates how to put one of these together piece by piece, or section.

This is looking from the the house towards the second driveway on the edge of my property. Still needs some plants and pot accessories to jazz it up a bit.

This is the view from the nowhere driveway, looking back to the house. It is fulfilling to accomplish a project like this with my expert helper, and adviser, Marilyn. She knows as much or more about this stuff than I do. The heat of the summer really kept it from being much fun. The heat was brutal. We have been playing with this since we returned from Maine.....maybe getting a bit to old for this kind of stuff. Think it may be easier in cooler weather. The winter always seems to busy for big projects like this. Must get a better schedule. Anyway, it is done!.....so back to the studio, and hopfully something good will happen. If it does,
I`ll will post it soon.

Sunday, September 5, 2010