Saturday, May 19, 2012

"Fresh off the Easel" new coastal marine paintings-Demos.

Step 1-"Untitled" 16x20 oil on linen
This is the finished painting for now. I will let it sit for a while and hopefully, I will not have to many adjustments to make before calling it done!
Step-1 "Untitled #2" 12x24 oil on stretched linen.
The completed painting. This again will be put aside for now. I painted these three paintings since returning from the "Forgotten Coast Plein Air Event" in Apalachicola, Fl. I love painting outdoors, but it is always nice to return to the studio and bring some of the valuable lessons learned from painting on location. I try to approach studio paintings in the same manner as my plein air paintings. I try to pretend that I am actually outdoors with the same limitations.....obviously they are not the same, but it helps me in some way to keep some of that immediacy that occurs outdoors. I try not to have two different approaches to studio and on site painting.
"Exploring the low tide" 6x9 oil on linen panel-study

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

"2012 Forgotten Coast Plein Air Event"

Painting "She' all grey", 8x10
We just returned from our third year at the "Florida's Forgotten Coast Plein Air event. It was fun as usual, an the strongest show since I have have attended this event. It has become a reunion type of affair, and we look forward to seeing friends that we have made at this great paint out.

My wife, Marilyn, goes to these events with me, and she takes tons of digital shots of pretty much everything that happens. If not for her documentation of some of this, I would have no record of any of this.....and certainly no material for this blog. All I do is paint when I attend something like this. She helps me on these trips in more ways than just taking a bunch of photos. I shutter to think what might happen if I were left to my own devices....I probably would leave the hotel each morning without my wallet and heaven knows what else. Thank you Marilyn for spending your Mother's Day, in your usual unselfish way....helping me do my thing.

Finished painting, "She's all grey".
I found this old dump truck at the Marina.
This is my Quick Draw effort, "Rollin Stone".
Shot of the entire Quick Draw participants.
My friend Ken Dewaard, who won the quick draw and the artist choice awards this year, chatting as I painted the shrimper at Scipio Creek.
The Shrimper, early morning.
Painting the "Crystal Starr"
This was painted on the St. George Island side of the bridge.
"White Sail at St. George Island".
Demonstration day at Mexico Beach. "Red Blanket"
Some new friends sat patiently through most of my demo day.
Thanks for the support.
This is the "Barber's Seafood" in East Point Fl.
12x16 oil on linen.
Each event has a student day, and each artist is given a student
to guide through a painting. This is my student doing a a very nice little landscape
in oil for the first time. This is always a fun day for everyone.