Sunday, May 29, 2011

"Estuary Shores" and "East Point Relic" paintings from the 2011 Forgotten Coast Plein Air PaintOut

This shoreline behind the Estuary seemed untouched by humans. The driftwood undisturbed as if it had just been washed up by a tide. This was a really pleasant three hours. The weather was just about perfect.

The painting is moving along, and I`m resisting the temptation to lengthen shadows!

Here, I am putting the finishing strokes on "Estuary shores" 12x16 oil on linen panel. I was reasonably happy with this effort, and ultimately presented it to my host. Thanks to all the generous host who put the artists up and make this invitational event a destination event to look forward to.

Boats are everywhere in this area. A great place to paint if you like this subject. This one is about as beat up as they come. I think it has been at the waters edge for at least a decade!

I still find something beautiful about these old weathered things.

"East Point Relic" 12x16 oil on linen, near completion.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

"The 2011 Forgotten Coast Paintout Event"-These are some shots of the painting locations, and paintings being painted.

This is the beginning of "Sunday Afternoon", a little 9x12 study at Scipio Creek in Apalachicola Florida.

This is the finished painting still on the easel. This was a fun little painting to do. It was a shady comfortable spot to spend an afternoon painting while Marilyn read the latest best seller.

The location here is Carrabelle, Florida. I started this 12x16 early and as one can see the shadows on the boat changed in the photo below.

This photo does not reveal the difficulty I was experiencing with bugs that morning. These little flys were giving me big problems. Thankfully a breeze came through and problem solved.

Happy to be done with this one. Things could have been worst.

This is the beginning of an early sunrise painting in east point.

A Glorious fleeting sky to paint!

This is near the finish.

Simmons Bayou on the way to Cape San Blas. A 9x12 Study.

"Resting but Ready" 6x9 painted at East Point Fl.

First day, one of my three demo days. This one at River Front in Apalachicola.

"The Forgotten Coast Paint Out Event" 2011-Student Day

This is one of the fun days at the Forgotten Coast Paint out. Interacting and instructing students, some who have never painted before.

Reid, a really nice kid, was my challenge for the day.

They were provided with acrylics instead of oils, which made it a bit difficult, but I think he got through it OK, considering it was his first effort at painting ever.

Nice Job, Reid!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

"The Red Hat" 9x6 oil on panel, Five step demo.

Step 1.

A few vine charcoal marks to begin, and then some average washes to indicate where the figure is to be placed. This start may seem to lack precise painting, but the size of the shapes are close enough to give me confidence to do some direct painting in the next stage.

Step 2.

Here I am already trying to make near finish passages. They will obivously need some value and shape adjustments but they are close enough to continue.
Step 3.
This step finds me reasonably happy with the overall and most of the white panel is covered with paint, allowing me to judge the values better. The white contrast makes everything look darker that it actually is. So far so good.

Step 4.

Step four is refining shapes, checking values, and making sure the temperature of color is correct. Softening a few edges and sharpening a few. Very near finish.

Step 5. Finished Painting

"The Red Hat" 9x6 oil on panel.

This is the little painting that was featured in the previous blog post.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

"The Red Hat" Portrait Society of America conference donation.

"The Red Hat", 9x6 inches, oil on panel was my donation to the Portrait Society of America Conference in Atlanta. I have just been made aware that is was purchased by a painter whose work I respect and admire, Ryan Brown. I`m sure it will be in good company. Thanks Ryan!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

"The Basket Weaver" A Studio Painting Demonstration

Step 1.

This is the beginning.....the placement of the focal point.

Hopefully I made the right choice early on. We`ll see how it goes.

Step 2.

Here I am just framing her head with something that I can judge sizes and values more correctly. If I can get a reasonable start, it will lessen my later adjustments.

Step 3.
The background is starting to work. I am not unhappy at this point.
I do not want to get caught up in over rendering of things. My hope is to suggest
and indicate objects, and hopefully have them look like what they are because of the accuracy of shapes.

Step 4.

I`m working my way to the foreground. This is pretty much a direct type of painting, so there is no preliminary drawing. This is not necessarily the best way, or the only way that I approach a painting, but it is fun to test your observation skills as they relate to shapes and value. There are always, it seems, some adjustments that must be made.

Step 5.

Things are progressing along without any major disappointments. Hope I have not spoken to quickly. I just have to indicate a suggestion of many baskets. This painting is about the light and how it effects the way the subject looks on a very sunny day.

Step 6.

This painting "The Basket Weaver" 20x20 oil on stretched linen is very near finish. I only need to finish a couple of baskets.

Step 7.

This painting is for all intents and purposes finished. I will make a few adjustments....nothing major at this point, then sign it and put her in frame. I think I will let it sit for a few days. Then take another look. I will post the finished painting later.