Tuesday, May 10, 2011

"The Red Hat" 9x6 oil on panel, Five step demo.

Step 1.

A few vine charcoal marks to begin, and then some average washes to indicate where the figure is to be placed. This start may seem to lack precise painting, but the size of the shapes are close enough to give me confidence to do some direct painting in the next stage.

Step 2.

Here I am already trying to make near finish passages. They will obivously need some value and shape adjustments but they are close enough to continue.
Step 3.
This step finds me reasonably happy with the overall and most of the white panel is covered with paint, allowing me to judge the values better. The white contrast makes everything look darker that it actually is. So far so good.

Step 4.

Step four is refining shapes, checking values, and making sure the temperature of color is correct. Softening a few edges and sharpening a few. Very near finish.

Step 5. Finished Painting

"The Red Hat" 9x6 oil on panel.

This is the little painting that was featured in the previous blog post.


  1. Sweet painting! I love how ALL the colors play of each other. It was a winner at step #2.

  2. Hey Randy, Sometimes that temptation to stop early is so great that I have to fight thru it, and convince myself that what I am going to do is going to make it better. If I don`t think it will be better, then it is justified to stop at that stage. Does that make any sense? Thanks for the comment.