Friday, April 15, 2011

"2011 Paint the Town"

My Paintings for "Paint the Town" were all painted in the great little fishing Village of Cortez. This is the beginning of the second of the three paintings I completed for this year`s event.

This was the first day of painting. I was only able to paint two days. I started this as my second painting on the first day and had to leave before it was completed. I usually finish these type of field studies in one sitting......especially a 9x12 like this one.

The painting was coming along reasonably well at this point, and I was having fun.

I returned to it the next day and completed it quickly. My time spent on this piece was about two and a half hours total. I felt it was going well enough to come back to this location and finish it. I`m glad that I did, because the painting was awarded a first place in the show. I was totally surprised, but very happy to be recognized in a group of wonderful artists. Every year there are some great paintings in this event.
This is a shot of the painting I took in the field on location.

All participating artists paintings are being exhibited at Art Center Manatee, 209 Ninth St. W Bradenton, Florida. 34205

Here is the Painting framed in the show. I`m sorry I had to miss the opening due to an unavoidable circumstance. It figures that would be the night I win a prize.

This was the first painting I tackled on the first day of the Paint out. It is an old derelict boat that has stuff growing all over it. I like old rusty, beat up, and weathered things like this.

We should have had nose clips, or something to protect Marilyn and I from the strong fish industry smell. It was pretty rough at this location.

This is the finished painting, 9 x 15 oil on linen panel.

Here is my third location. This is the little bridge over "Fish Preserve Creek"

I had good shade from a large umbrella.....thankfully. It was brutal that day. The heat was like mid summer. I thought we were supposed to get some spring weather one of these years.

My interest in this location was about the color and reflections in the shallow water.

This painting has very little rendered detail.

Putting the finishing strokes on a 16x12 oil on linen "Fish Preserve Creek"