Tuesday, August 28, 2012

"Plein Air painting finished in the studio"

"In For Repairs", The Isaac H. Evans, 12x16 oil on linen panel.
This is a plein air study that was started while in Rockland Maine this summer. In my previous blog post, I mentioned that I started this, and intended to return the next day at the same time and complete it. The ship was gone, so I fortunately had good digital reference from the previous day. I recently completed the piece in my studio. It is possible to complete an outdoor study this way if you have no other option. Obviously, I would have preferred to returned to the actual location to finish it....had it been possible.
When I am forced to do this, I usually do not finish the paintings. I felt this one might be fun to complete. When doing this, I try to keep the same feeling of immediacy by pretending that I have the same time restrictions, and try keep the brush work and overall feeling like my original statements in the painting. I think it illustrates the point that this can be done, and many artists do complete paintings that were started on location....for different reasons. I generally lose interest if a study is not completed in one sitting, but larger compositions often have to be revisited on subsequent days. One does what is required for the particular situation!

This was my beginning on location in the boat yard in Rockland Maine.
Until next time, thanks for listening to my ramblings.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

"Maine Summer Trip 2012"

This is Mary Erickson, a great friend and terrific painter, and on the ferry to Monhegan.....picture by Marilyn. We painted a couple of days there. The weather was a bit iffy, but we managed to get a few efforts in. Below are a few of the spots that I painted.
This old residence was just up the hill from the Monhegan house, where we were staying. The yard was full of chickens and couple of dogs. Nice place to paint. I think I have a few studio paintings in the bag on this one.
This little painting was painted in a boat yard somewhere near Tenants Harbor. I started to paint a couple of interesting white boats and turned to my left and there was this RED boat. How can you resist a red boat.
This is just a small rock study done at Port Clyde.
This is the one that I really wanted to paint and complete. I painted this much of it one day, and figured that I would return the next day at the same time of day and finish it up. I went to the location and the ship was gone. I asked the guy what happened, and his reply was," We launched it." I asked if it was coming back, and he looked at me oddly, and said, "I hope not, when we are finished with them, we launch em". This one will have to be finished in the studio.
This is as far as I got until the light changed drastically!
Marilyn, my hero and sidekick covering my back.....as she always does, and enjoying her beloved Maine. I'm excited about the studio possibilities of this trip. I will post them as they are completed. Thanks for listening to my ramblings.

"2012 Easton Plein Air event"

This was another brutally hot year in Easton Md. The heat made it a challenge for sure. We had great host again this year. Here are a few shots taken by my wife, Marilyn who shadows me and documents this effort to some degree.....if not for her, I would not have any of this to show. Thank you Marilyn. This first painting spot is Rabbit Hill road just outside of Easton. The farm is being worked, but the house abandoned and in disrepair. Perfect for me....love the old broken down stuff.
This is the Maritime Museum. I'm painting the "Old Point". It is permanent display for viewing at the Museum. I actually painted this from outside the fence.....although we had complete access to the Museum as Plein air event participants.
This was a pre-event function that many of us attended. It took place on the property of the host who collects antique cars. This collection is like none I've seen before.....all beautifully restored. The moved a few of the cars out in the sun for us to paint......then the rains came. I managed to finish after some delay, but the painting did not meet my expectation. There were some awesome paintings done by many of the artists. I was fun.
This is down town Easton, across from the "Red Hen". This was the official meeting place for coffee, info, etc.
This painting is as large as I have ever painted plein air. I was on Locust St., I believe. There several artists painting in this area on that particular day.....and it was hot!