Thursday, August 16, 2012

"2012 Easton Plein Air event"

This was another brutally hot year in Easton Md. The heat made it a challenge for sure. We had great host again this year. Here are a few shots taken by my wife, Marilyn who shadows me and documents this effort to some degree.....if not for her, I would not have any of this to show. Thank you Marilyn. This first painting spot is Rabbit Hill road just outside of Easton. The farm is being worked, but the house abandoned and in disrepair. Perfect for the old broken down stuff.
This is the Maritime Museum. I'm painting the "Old Point". It is permanent display for viewing at the Museum. I actually painted this from outside the fence.....although we had complete access to the Museum as Plein air event participants.
This was a pre-event function that many of us attended. It took place on the property of the host who collects antique cars. This collection is like none I've seen before.....all beautifully restored. The moved a few of the cars out in the sun for us to paint......then the rains came. I managed to finish after some delay, but the painting did not meet my expectation. There were some awesome paintings done by many of the artists. I was fun.
This is down town Easton, across from the "Red Hen". This was the official meeting place for coffee, info, etc.
This painting is as large as I have ever painted plein air. I was on Locust St., I believe. There several artists painting in this area on that particular day.....and it was hot!


  1. When you post a group of paintings I go from one to another saying thats my favorite. You always paint my kind of subjects.

    1. Thanks Randy. I think old beat up stuff has character, so that interest me....unfortunately, sometimes those subjects are not as universally popular with collectors, but there are some thankfully that do. You can't hang all of your hats on the same nail I guess...hense the eclectic subject. Thanks for the comment.