Monday, September 13, 2010

"The Sidewalk to nowhere"

This has little to do with painting I know, but thought I would post it in place of paintings that might have been created, and posted during this grueling project. This is the begining of this outside project that seemed to never end, and has been responsible for keeping me out of the studio for some time. Here I am preparing to start pouring the second section of concrete. You can see my trusty Red Husky mixer standing at the ready.

This demonstrates how to put one of these together piece by piece, or section.

This is looking from the the house towards the second driveway on the edge of my property. Still needs some plants and pot accessories to jazz it up a bit.

This is the view from the nowhere driveway, looking back to the house. It is fulfilling to accomplish a project like this with my expert helper, and adviser, Marilyn. She knows as much or more about this stuff than I do. The heat of the summer really kept it from being much fun. The heat was brutal. We have been playing with this since we returned from Maine.....maybe getting a bit to old for this kind of stuff. Think it may be easier in cooler weather. The winter always seems to busy for big projects like this. Must get a better schedule. Anyway, it is done! back to the studio, and hopfully something good will happen. If it does,
I`ll will post it soon.


  1. Fabulous driveway to nowhere! Marilyn must be thrilled! We had a doorway to nowhere in our old house in Chester Springs, Pa. The home was gorgeous- a reproduction of an old 1700 Pennsylvania-style farmhouse with 3 fireplaces, lots of stone, cedar and even log timbers. The only reason we were able to afford it in 1992 was because the builder went belly up after the stock market crash in the stockmarket crash of 1989. He forgot to finish the house, lol. There was a study-my special room, that looked out over a beautiful wildlife pond complete with geese and fog and morning sunrises. There was a door in the study that dropped off about 10 feet to the ground. We finally built a deck off the study when we decided to sell the house in 1993. I was sad that I never had a chance to enjoy my deck from the doorway to nowhere. Glad you are painting again. Your new paintings are lovely.

  2. Hmmm. Just went back and looked at what I wrote. We sold in 2004, not 1993. I had 12 good years in that house, but sorry I never had a chance to paint the grounds and the pond and the farm in the distance.

  3. Maryanne,your doorway to nowhere sounds great, and so does the house. Sounds like a property to miss....but, it is only a house there are more important things.

    My driveway to nowhere actually does go to the street and is a functioning driveway. It was a problem part of the yard that needed addressing, and thankfully it is done! I do get some kind of satisfaction from doing difficult projects such as this....if nothing else, it makes me appreciate being in my air conditioned studio! Thanks for the thoughtful comment. Hope to see you around this season.

  4. Are you doing a workshop at the end of October as usual? I have been out of it for a while. Totally missing out on new exhibit opportunities and workshops. I've got to re-focus soon or throw out the paints!

  5. Maryanne, November and January at the Venice Art Center. Check with them for the info. Also going to do a Monday thing at the Southern Atelier. Mimmi has the info on that. Don`t throw out your paints...your work is looking great. Love that last piece you posted.