Thursday, March 18, 2010

"The Wild Flower Garden" Painting in Progress

This first step is just an application of a thin wash to set the tone, or harmony of the painting, and also alows me to wipe out the area that I intend to place the figure in this composition.

In Step two, I start painting the head, which will be my observational reference for the size of everything in this painting. It is important to get this part reasonably accurate. I am not doing a portrait of her, but interpreting the reference.

In this step, I am working outward from the focal point, the head.

In this step, I am painting directly, and developing the figure as I go..... trying to put as accurate as possible pieces of paint to minimize the changes and adjustments that will have to be made later in the painting.

This is almost complete. Just need to adjust here and there, and apply a bit more paint finish a few spots that are a bit thin. The Gallery has seen the painting at this stage, and seem to be happy with it, so it is heading west to Texas for an anniversary show. I will post details later.