Monday, July 5, 2010

"2010 Summer Trip to Maine"

"Summer Farm" 6x9 oil on linen.

Detail of "Summer Farm".

Here, I am painting at Bidderford Pool, one of the many areas we visited during our several weeks in Maine. I am painting one of the many pristine marshes that Maine has to offer.
The wealth of imagery is endless. I wish the winters weren`t so harsh.

This little painting was about two and a half hours of pure enjoyment. Not that the painting is so wonderful, but the experience was worth the trip to Maine. Of all the people there to enjoy the weather, water and beatiful day, I was the only painter in sight.....imagine that.

Detail of "Kettle Cove"

This was one of my favorite days on this trip. The conditions, and the great spot to set up and paint were awesome. Beyond my capacity to describe. A great day in Maine.

We had an absolutely perfect day at Kettle Cove Maine. Marilyn is enjoying the great weather, and a good book while I entertain myself with trying to capture the moment. Good luck with that.

This is the beginning of the on location study of the Old Port Dock area. I really like painting the old beat up, used, weathered by weather and time buildings and docks in the Old Port section of Portand Me.

Here, I am finishing up my field sketch of the downtown Old Port dock area.

Finished study of the "Old Port Dock" 12x16 oil on linen panel

"Fort Williams Ocean study" 6x9 oil on linen panel

" Monhegan Flowers" 9x12 study, oil on linen.


  1. Good stuff Hodges. Are you back in FL already?
    I see you made it over to Monhegan. Love that island!

  2. Frank, we are back. We spent near three weeks, and had every intention of staying longer, but had to shorten the stay a bit. It was my first trip to Monhegan.....I agree, love the Island. Must go back next year!

  3. Love the work, Hodges. My husband and I will try the same setup with me painting and him reading! Do need to get an umbrella.

  4. Beautiful paintings Mr Solieau. I hope we can go out landscape painting sometime during the school year.

  5. Great scenery inspires great work! Just beautiful, Hodges. I hope to go back to East Boothbay in September. See you down south in November.

  6. Great stuff, Hodge! Glad to see you are having a productive summer.

  7. Artist do this painting thing, and sometimes do not know if we are making any connection. Thanks for the feedback.....I appreciate it!

  8. Hi! I'm just finding you and you were just in my next of the woods! I know all these places you painted. You captured the feeling here. What was your favorite place?

    Many artist flock to Maine, The winter's aren't as terrible as you think. Artists fire up their wood stoves and retreat to their studios to paint from photos of summer, in quite tranquility. It works...

  9. Hi Susan! Thanks for the comment. I can`t say that I have a favorite spot....I love Maine period. I guess if I were to pick an area of preference, it might be the coastline. It has such a wealth of imagery, but I do like the inland farms and open land.
    The wood stoves sound great and we spent many years in Ct., but the cold is a bit to much and to long for me anymore, otherwise I would definately be there year round.