Tuesday, August 17, 2010

"Troubled Waters Invitational Art show to celebrate the recovery of the Gulf of Mexico"

"Marsh Reflections" 12x16 oil on linen panel
Two of these paintings will be part of the Invitational show, beginning at this month`s 3rd Friday Towles Court Art Walk, August 20, 6-10pm. The opening and month-long invitational show will be held in Jon Greeley studio/gallery, at 1938 Adams Lane #207, Sarasota, Fl.
Original works of art will celebrate the recovery of the Gulf of Mexico from this summer`s tragic oil spill. A portion of the sales from the art, food and T-shirts will support the ongoing efforts to relieve the effects of the oil spill. The agency benefiting from this show will be announced at the opening, which will also feature Cajun/Creole food and refreshments....donations will be encouraged.
Detail of "Marsh Reflections"

"Young Heron" 15x12 oil linen panel

"Two Amigos" 15x9 oil on linen panel

"Harbor Study" 12x16 oil on linen panel


  1. These paintings are wonderful. I like your brushstroke and colors. Good luck at the show.

  2. Thanks Susan for taking the time to comment. I hope the show gets a good turn out. It is a good cause.

  3. Really great group of paintings and for a very worthy cause.

  4. Thanks Rusty, I grew up in southwest Louisiana, so I still have family and friends there. Tragic to see something like this that effects so many people`s lives. Thanks for the comment.

  5. Good luck. Great work as always. Great cause!

  6. Thanks Peter...I hope they sell a few paintings to make the effort worth while. Jon Greeley is giving up part of his studio, and his gallery for a month to display the work. I think that`s a very generous gesture on his part for a good cause.