Sunday, November 28, 2010

"On the Easel"

This painting is a 24x30 and is in the process of being painted, so I have not even considered a title for it yet. I`m doing paintings that will hopefully turn out well enough to be included in my March 2011 show at the M Gallery. So far, I have not had the temptation to rub this one out. We`ll see!

This painting started out as a study for a possible large multi figure composition. I like the single figure better now that I have had some time with it. I think I will bring it to finish.....which should not require a great amount of work. I think I`m almost there. This is 20x16 oil on linen.

Dancer Detail # one

Dancer Detail #2

I will post paintings in progress that are on the easel as they become available for those interested.


  1. Is this Monhegan? I like how its coming along. You must be close to done.

  2. Yes Susan, this is Monhegan. I understand that this area is called Fish Beach. Can`t wait to make it back up next summer. Yes it is almost done....if I can keep from messing it up.

  3. This painting is just excellent and a Perfect cover page for your show ...