Monday, February 3, 2014

"Fresh Off The Easel"

"Curious Calf", 16x20 oil on linen
This is my first posting of 2014.  I have been a little delinquent in keeping up with my blog.  Holidays hampered my routine and momentum……but, we’re off and running again.  Routine, for me, means productive time.

This painting was inspired by my last trip to the hill country.  We drove around exploring the area around Old Mason Road, near Fredericksburg Texas, and this was one of the reference shots that I took of Calf standing in the dappled light with what seemed to be an inquisitive look at something that had caught it’s attention.  I moved a few things around to improve a somewhat disorganized composition. 

  "Encounter", 18x24 oil on linen

This is a totally fabricated idea that I had based on a shot I took of a stallion showing off at a horse farm in Georgia a few years ago.  I always liked the power and movement of the horse and wanted to create some kind of narrative that would seem believable.  The snake and environment are totally out of context, but I think it works for this situation.  I’m not even sure which one would come out the winner of this “Encounter”

"Regal Hunter", 24x18 oil on linen
I have painted many of these magnificent birds here in Florida.  I always go back and revisit this subject…. it seems.  They are extremely graceful and are definitely tenacious hunters….hence the title of this piece.  As one can see the subject matter is eclectic and I like it that way….keeps it interesting.  Thanks again for listening to my ramblings. 

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