Sunday, May 17, 2015

"Small Quick Sketches for possible larger works"

These three 7x11 oil sketches are compositional studies from reference gathered in our recent trip to the Apalachicola Florida area.  These are very sketchy and fast.  This is about as quick as I can paint without crossing over into that sloppy area.  I prefer painterly as a description of paint application, rather than loose…..for me, loose has a negative connotation that suggest sloppy, or careless!           

Even though these are very sketchy and not completely buttoned down, there is still enough clarity in each to see what is going on.  The shapes suggested are still accurate enough to determine whether to pursue a larger version.  I like all three of these compositions....the drawing will have to be tweaked somewhat if taken to a larger size.  I don't worry to much about the color.  If the value ends up good, and the color has the integrity of the scene....and is palatable to me....then I'm OK with it!

Thanks for listening to my Cajun Ramblings!

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