Sunday, April 11, 2010

The 2010 "Paint The Town" in St. Petersburg Fl.

This is a shot from last night of me and my two paintings at the Morean Art Center opening of the "Paint the Town" plein air show in St Pete. The show was great and there were many excellent paintings done by some very talented artists. I was surprised and honored to receive a Second place award for "The Old Salt Creek Mattress Factory", and a merit award for "The Lady on the Bay". In the company of such painters, I consider myself very lucky, because there were many more award winners, than there were awards to be given.

My second painting for the paintout in St Pete. I found this old building in Salt Creek that seemed like a great subject to me, if I could make it interesting. I particularly like old structures that time has left it`s mark on. The truck obviously had not been moved in some time, because it was covered with a heavy layer of green pollen. By just being there, it somehow seemed to help the composition.

"The Old Salt Creek Mattress Factory" 12x16 oil on linen.
This was just over two hours of painting to beat the changing light. That of course is always the biggest challenge.....along with the furious wind.

This is my set up for this particular painting.

"Lady on the Bay", a painting of one of the many statues in North Straub Park.
This was a two hour and fifteen minute painting. I would have liked more time, but the light would not allow me to continue.

Here, I`m painting "The Lady on the bay" in North Straub Park.