Saturday, September 3, 2011

Ringling Painting Class demos-Thursday Sept 1st

I tried counting the visible brushstrokes in this head demo, and I lost count somewhere over a hundred. It would be interesting to intentionally see how few brush strokes it might take to do a comprehensive head study. That was not my intention here. That might be worth attempting some time.

These two 12x16 demos were done in my two and half hour Figure painting class at Ringling College of Art and Design Last Thursday. The exercise was to show a couple of different approaches to achieving the same result, by beginning in a different way. These are very quick, with probably more talking than painting. These are certainly not complete, but posted because they might be of interest to someone.


  1. Beautiful painting, Hodges! Love the idea of counting strokes. One of my favorite videos about the subject:

  2. Diane, I never usually think about numbers of brush strokes, but in a teaching situation, it might not be a bad idea.....maybe as an exercise!