Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"Street Weaver", Makes the BoldBrush painting competition`s FAV 15%.

Step 1.

The beginnging and sometimes the most important stage. A bad start, wrong placement, inaccurate drawing, etc. can color the whole effort negatively from the start. So, I`m trying not to make to many big mistakes at the beginning.

Detail of 1.

Step 2.
The figure and some of the environment around starts to appear. This is direct painting. I`m trying to have as few adjustments to make as possible later.

Step 3.

When working in this manner, where one finishes one area, and moves on to other parts of the painting, the whole composition must still be kept in mind. One can`t paint the entire painting at once. When you place a piece of paint down, at that moment you are making a judgement based on what is next to it, and not necessarily something in a distant part of the painting. One must step back then, and judge the overall. Then, other adjustments might have to be made.

Step 4.
Nearing the finish. At this point, it is a matter of making little value and temperature adjustments. Hopefully at this stage, shapes do not have to be changed dramatically.

Step 5.Finished Painting

"Street Weaver" 12x16 oil on linen. This is a smaller and slightly different painting based on another larger 20x20, "The Basket Weaver". I am pleased that this painting got some popular votes. It is always nice, and encouraging to be recognized in a group of good work. I think the most useful thing about shows and competitions is that even though a top award isn`t garnished, it does validate ones effort, and it is always fun to compete.

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