Friday, August 12, 2011

"On the Easel- a work in progress"

This landscape with horses is 22x28 oil on linen, and is a work in progress. In this first stage, I debated whether or not to use more than one animal in this scene. As one can see, at this stage it is easy to add or take away.

I felt the two figures in the middle ground of the painting added something that was needed to break up that long run accross the middle of the painting. I am hoping that was the right choice. If not, they can always be taken out.

Here, all of my big shapes have been chosen and probably will not change much. Just need to build up paint and correct values and adjust temperature a bit.

Nearing the Finish. Just need to tweak here and there. Will post the finish later. Need to let it sit for a while and look at it with a fresh eye later.

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