Sunday, August 7, 2011

"My recent Plein Air Easton Painting Event Experience"

This is the beginning of a painting I did of the Sculpture in front of the Armory, on the corner of Harrison and South St. in Easton Maryland. This was probably the hottest day of all the extremely hot weather we all experienced. The heat was the only negative thing about the total event. There were over fifty artists invited to participate, and the field was so strong, that I feel fortunate to have gotten the opportunity to paint in this event. I met artists that I respect and have known of, but never met, so I have many new artists friends.

Here, I have developed the painting a bit more, while being thankful for my umbrella. It didn`t help much with the heat, but it did protect me from the sun.

This is near completion. Looking forward to some kind of air conditioning at this point.

This is my View from Perry Cabin Inn looking towards the Maritime Museum.

This is the spot I chose to paint the Produce stand on the way to Oxford. This was a neat little place to paint, and the produce stand owner, Mr. Eason was a heck of a nice guy. Many of the artists painted at this location. He had a field of sunflowers, that I considered painting, but was a bit overwhelmed by the thought of it. I think on this particular day, I made the right choice for me.

This is the beginning of "Eason's Produce stand".

Nearing the finish! Another hot day!

Painting the Grain Silos in Easton!

Begining of a painting of two great looking old barns in Oxford. I was in the shade on this one, and although it was hot, I was not uncomfortable on this day.

Nearing finish!

This is a location that I really liked. I wish I had spent more time there. I painted this little scene one morning at the Maritime Museum. There is certainly a wealth of material to paint there if one likes water and boats etc.

Here is a closer shot of the Painting.

This is an old rusty hulled boat at the draw bridge entrance to Tilghman Island.

My effort at another great spot called Cutts and Casts. Lot of boats water and interesting old buildings inside and out. I liked this place a lot, but many of the vantage points are on narrow docks and percarious spots. Part of the outdoor painting experience.

Here I am painting the Crape Myrtles in the Museum garden in Easton. The garden was full of painters that day.

A beautiful morning on the way to Oxford. This is along side of the road by a fenced in pasture that had a herd of Belted Galloway cattle, and also belted Goats that had the same markings of the cattle. Never seen that before.

Here one can see the way these cattle are marked. I have seen these cattle in Maine also.

This was Quick Draw Day, and my main concern was to position myself in shade. It was an eventful day with tons of people coming out, despite the uncomfortable weather, to support the Plein air Easton annual paint out.

Someone felt this was photo worthy.

Another great spot to paint is the Yacht Club in Oxford.


  1. Great group of work! Looks like a wealth of great subject matter. It sounds like it was kind of warm up there so I'm glad you can come back to Texas and cool off.

  2. Thanks Randy. Great subject everywhere you turn. I understand it has been pretty hot in Texas as well. I have friends in Austin....they are as hot as anyplace in the country. Fall is coming....right?