Thursday, October 11, 2012

"Depicting the Noble Beast", A work in progress

"Winter Team", 12x16 oil on linen
I did a painting in 2005, "Winter Team", that received an award of excellence in the 2006 Oil Painters of America National Exhibition, at Dana Gallery in Missoula, Mt.  When I decided to enter that little painting, my wife was very skeptical of the chances of the back end of two work horses getting into the show, much less getting any kind of award.  She is usually right on point about these matters, but I got lucky on this occasion.  Anyway, six years later, here I am revisiting a subject that I feel close to for different reasons, and I always intended to do another larger piece.  "Winter Team" was actually a small study for what I thought was going to be a bigger painting.  Sometimes the larger ones do not get done.

I grew up around farm animals, and always had a horse.....and at times we had two.  The affection that I have for horses, and painting horses is related to those formative years....I'm sure!  The image above of the "Winter Team" is of poor quality, and I apologize for that.  I did not have a quality digital camera that I use today.  I included it because it is related to the work in progress (below) that I am presently near finishing.  I thought it might be interesting because of the possible difference, or maybe the kinship of the subject in both paintings....even though one is much smaller and a bit more sketchy in nature. 

"Moving the Big Boys", 18x24 oil on linen
The images that I am working from are from a photo shoot I did years ago when we lived in Ct. (early eighties).  The painting is being painted with a very limited palette, which I have been doing a bit more of lately.  I generally use a pretty limited palette anyway.  The title "Moving the Big Boys" is not set in first thought!

For me, the remaining work on this piece would be to finish the background....tree limbs and harness and gear on the horses without getting to fussy.  I'm planning to do something with the foreground also.....not sure what yet.  One good afternoon with no distractions, like chopping up fallen trees, etc., and I think it will be complete.  I will post the finished painting later.  Again, thank you for listening  to my ramblings.

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