Sunday, October 21, 2012

"Miniatures for upcoming miniature shows"

"Spanish Dancer", Detail

These are recent small paintings and sketches for miniature shows that are coming up soon.  I occasionally like doing small pieces like this, mostly as studies for larger works, but sometimes they stand on their own and are hard to duplicate as bigger pieces.  The problem I sometimes have is keeping the freshness of a quick study when scaling up.  I have discussed this with other artist friends, and it seems to be sort of a universal challenge for some.  It is something that a casual viewer probably would not pick up on.  The artist knows if he or she has made a successful transition to an enlarged version.  I sometimes end up with something a little different, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.  I think the goal should be to capture the essence of the small study....sort of like capturing the essence in a master copy.  It is not necessary to duplicate it verbatim.

"Spanish Dancer"7x5 oil on linen panel

"Lemons and Silver, Detail"

"Lemons and Silver", 5x7 oil on linen panel

"The White Robe", 7x5 oil on linen

"Swimming Hole, Detail"

"The Swimming hole", 7x5 oil on linen panel

"Moonlit pony huddle" 11x14 oil on linen panel

"Evening Gallop" 7x5 oil on linen panel

My favorite way to work is to just jump into a large painting, and develop the initial idea in the process, but that can be risky and perhaps less efficient in the long run.  Problems can be resolved with studies, like composition, color themes, etc.....but, it is fun to take a little risk now and then....after all it is a relative risk, and not exactly like walking a tight rope between two cliffs with gator infested waters below...or something of that nature.  As usual, these are my own observations, and though the accent is no longer evident, thanks for listening to my Cajun ramblings.

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