Monday, March 18, 2013

Recent 3 day workshop in Apalachicola Florida!

First Day morning demo. 
The group gathered as I did a quick demo of the Golden Ball being restored by the Apalachicola Maritime Museum.

This is my quick interpretation of the "Golden Ball". 
Second day, participants setting up to paint the old Florida house. 
Beginning my second day demo of the old house.  This old structure is all but falling down from neglect.  I started this demo differently than the first day, by painting directly on the white surface with local color, rather than toning and ridding myself of the stark white.  It is a bit more difficult, but it is another way of starting.  Keeps it interesting for me, and suggest another approach for students....rather than doing things the same way each time.  Helps avoid falling into a formula type of thinking.
 This is as far as I pursued this 16x20 demo.  I painted this very quickly during a break in the morning painting.  I really like painting this subject, and I just might try to translate this into a studio piece....we'll see!
On of my group, Chris, doing a great little painting of the old Florida house.  She is wonderful portrait artist who is going to be a great outdoor painter.
Third Day of the workshop was spent at Scipio Creek....a great location for painting work boats.  Here some of guys were set up on the upper deck in the shade with great views of the Marina.
Another painter from the group, Lynn, with a very nice effort.  I had lots of fun on this trip.  Met some great people and I look forward to the "Forgotten Coast" paint out this year.  Thanks for listening to my ramblings.


  1. I love Applachicola and would have loved to participate in this session. Fill me on how to get involved, Hodges.

  2. Ben, you can contact Paulette Moss at 855-APALACH, or She is the one that is handling all the workshops and classes. Good luck.

  3. this looks very interesting I like all things good art.thanks for sharing. i would love being with you all paintinf

    1. Meadow Flower Design, thanks for the comment! They are offering several workshops this year. Check it out!