Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Four Paintings Headed to RS Hanna Gallery!

"The Watering Hole", 17x31 oil on linen
This painting is about the gathering place this small herd of horses use as a watering hole.  Several times a day, they seemed to congregate there.  Out of context, one could imagine this could very well be a wild horse situation instead of a farm pasture.

"Bella Donah", 24x18 oil on linen
This beautiful black Arabian filly had just been released to pasture after an night in the stable.  The energy and spirit of this young equine subject was really something to behold.....and impossible to completely convey.  It was an early fresh morning, and my reference shots were excellent, but the memory of seeing it with my own eyes helped with the attempt to convey this emotion.

"Moonlit Pony Huddle", 11x14 oil on linen
The close gathering of these young fillies, and their sense of security in numbers was the attraction for me in this small painting.....and of course the light.  It was late evening, and my reference was much darker than it appears here.  I had to open up the shadows a bit to make things read, while keeping the feeling of overall evening moonlight.   
"The Loner", 16x12 oil on linen
This filly seemed to have no pals in the pasture....whether by choice or some other reason!


  1. They're wonderful and are here at the gallery! Thank you Hodges.

    1. Thanks Shannon, I'll give you a call this week!