Thursday, June 27, 2013

"Her Favorite Hat" 16x12 oil on linen....Five step Demonstration.

Step 1.
     Someone asked if I would add brief descriptions with each step of the next demo that I, here are a few steps of this demo with minimal explanation of what I am attempting to do.  Some may want a more involved explanation....and possibly more stages, but I think most can get the idea from these brief explanations. 
     This first step is just a feeling out of the actual filled and unfilled space that the subject will occupy.  At this point I'm not concerned to much with any fine shapes or drawing....just an indication with a thin wash of where things go.  The thin wash that I toned this canvas with is a mixture of Ivory black, Permanent Alizarin Crimson, and Raw Sienna.  I don't believe the color is as important as getting rid of the white canvas is. 

Step 2.
      Here, I have massed in the large value and shape first and I'm gradually trying to go from broad to finer with smaller shapes.
Step 3.
     Step three consist of more adjustments of value and temperature.....starting to work a few edges and indicating the big shape of the black scarf.  Many of the marks that are being made at this stage will not change much.  This was done in an Alla Prima, with this method one is going for the finish as soon as possible.....why wait!  If I can suggest or indicate something that looks like it should, without over rendering, then I feel as though I have succeeded.  This method I find works particularly well when painting something simple.  A complex more involved piece, like multiple figures etc., might lend itself to a different approach.  I do like to mix it up, and I try to avoid it coming a formula.
Step 4.
     This step is near finish....just a few tweaks here and there....and try not to mess it up totally!  The palette in this particular painting is not the most limited of palettes, but is pretty limited.  The mixtures were created from six colors; titanium white, ivory Black, yellow ochre, ultra marine blue deep, cad red medium, and burnt sienna.
Step 5.
     This is the finished painting for now.  "Her Favorite Hat", 16x12, oil on linen.  Hope this might be of interest and useful to someone.  It is only one way that I approach the subject.  There are many ways to begin a painting....each being as valid as the next.  A successful end is what is most important after all!  Until next time, thanks for listening to my Cajun ramblings.

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