Thursday, July 18, 2013

"Three Fresh off the easel"

"The Redhead" 14x11 oil on linen
 I have yet to paint this model in full figure, but I can’t wait to do so.  This is just a Alla Prima quick sketch done in one sitting.  What is it about red haired models?  There is so much variety of color opportunity in that hair color.  I need to get a better shot of this once it is totally dry and tweaked!

"Draped in Strawberry" 16x12 oil on linen
My intent here was simplicity of a relatively complicated situation.  The texture and color of materials such as drapes, throws, pillows and the draped model had to be simplified and executed in an economical way, while remaining true to the drawing, values, temperature and edges, etc.   I tried to suggest and interpret things, rather than render them.  That is usually, for me, a happier solution!
"Cat-Fishing on a Blue Cooler" 12x9 oil on linen

This is another fishing painting.  There were two figures in my reference material originally.  Somehow the two didn’t seem to work as well as a single in this particular piece.  This is a quick study.  I do more and more of these it seems….lately!  They help me resolve issues in larger compositions.  I may never do a larger painting of this, but if I do… will be helpful.  Sometimes I find that I use up all of my juice on the small sketch, and I lose interest in pursuing it further, and prefer to move on to something else…..a personality or temperament choice, I guess!  Again, thanks for listening to my Cajun Ramblings!