Monday, August 19, 2013

Maine Summer Trip Field Studies, 2013.

Well, we just returned from our annual summer trip to Maine.  It was, as usual, a welcome change from Florida’s summer heat, and always much fun.  We visited with Marilyn’s relatives in the Portland area, and attended a family reunion at a beautiful park near Brunswick Me.  I painted one small painting at Willard beach….below.

 Painting at Willard Beach in South Portland Maine.  A 9x12 Field study, oil on linen Panel

 Most of our time was spent in Port Clyde, where we shared a large, old Craftsman style house with artist’s friends, Mary Erickson, Roger Dale Brown, Beverly Ford Evans, Daniel Ambrose and Mary Burns Stevens.  The first week was spent with Mary Erickson, Millie, Gloria and Karen Hagan.  We painted, explored the area, and sat around a large dinner table each night and had great conversation about art and other experiences.  If you have never tried this type of vacation, I would recommend it highly.  Of course, someone has to organize these get-togethers!   Mary Erickson is the organizer in this group.

We took a day trip to Acadia national park with Roger Dale Brown and Beverly Ford Evans, and their two little dogs Buddy and Rachel.  This was a great photo opportunity and we did one painting in the park.  Marilyn and I stood on the same spot we visited on Cadillac Mt. forty seven years ago.  The vistas were breathtaking.  I think the last time I visited this place; I was too young to appreciate what I was experiencing.   Roger and Beverly are really great folks and fine artists.  This is our second year sharing a house with them, and we got to know them better.  I’m sorry that we won’t be in Maine in September for Roger’s show at the Haynes Gallery in Thomaston Maine……should be a good one!  I saw some of the paintings in the flesh, and they are really great…..this Roger fellow can paint!

Pond at Acadia National park.  9x12 oil on linen

 I painted the pond alongside Roger and Beverly.  This was really a fun day!

Below are just a few of the locations that I painted this summer.  Photos as usual, are courtesy of my wife Marilyn.  Were it not for her following me around unselfishly documenting everything…..good and bad, I would have no digital material for things like this blog.  Thank you Marilyn… are the greatest!  Thanks for listening to my Cajun ramblings!

Rock Study at Marshall Point Lighthouse in Port Clyde.  This a 11x14 oil on linen Field study.

A great afternoon at Marshall Point Lighthouse.

This is the Fisherman's Cabin from across the water at low tide in Port Clyde.  This is one of the easel setups I used this summer.  The untitled painting is a 9x12 oil on linen panel.

On Co-Op road in Port Clyde.  12x9 oil on linen field study.

I painted "Lonesome Birch" 12x12 oil on linen on the side of the road on the way to Port Clyde. 

"Lonesome Birch", 12x12 Field study, oil on linen panel

Painting Duck Pond on horse point road in Port Clyde.

"Duck Pond", 16x12 field study, oil on linen panel.

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