Wednesday, August 20, 2014

"The Chestnut Leads", a five step Demo!

 "The Chestnut Leads", 15x30 oil on mounted linen

I have neglected posting on my blog for a while.  I have had projects unrelated to painting that occupied some of my time...I apologize, and hopefully I will be more diligent!
I finally had a opportunity to get back to this horse composition.... and complete it.  I set it aside during our summer trip north.  I think it is for all intents and purposes finished....I might take one more look in a few days. 

This approach to this piece is called direct painting or a form of it.  It isn't pure Alla wasn't totally completed in one sitting, but parts of this painting were done once, and not touch again.  It is a difficult, yet fun way to work...if your observation skills are keen enough to confidently go for the finish immediately and not wait.  It all depends on my mood or feeling at the time.  Sometimes I feel more patient and willing to hold back.  One always ends up with same is more about how one starts a painting.  I like starting
them a little differently each time....I feel it keeps me from relying on, or falling into a formula.  It's gotta be fun! 

Hope the demo is interesting to someone.  Thanks for listening to my ramblings!

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