Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Recent Horse Paintings!

I recently went on a Monday painting trip with the Peace River Painters to the Lipizzaner stallion farm in Myakka City, Florida.  I have been doing small studies on and off since that trip.  Some of these might translate into larger works…..but, whether they do or not, it is always fun to paint one of my favorite subjects, the horse!
The central figure as it turned out was “The Spring Colt”, a recent birth on the farm.  He is a frisky young colt that thinks he owns and is boss of the corral.  The mares including his mother are responsible for teaching him corral etiquette. 

"Spring Colt", 19x8 oil 

"Corral Study", 11x14, oil
"Untitled", 8x10, oil
"Corral Etiquette" oil
"Skeptic", 9x6 oil

Thanks for listening to my Ramblings!