Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Reviving paintings from my purgatory pile!

     I know everyone has to one degree or another, a pile of paintings that didn’t quite make it to finish on the first pass.....but, just couldn’t paint over it thinking there might be hope.  In many cases there is something in the piece that just needs a fresh look later.  I have my share and more of these types of images that cross all subjects.  I call this my “Purgatory Pile”!  I recently reworked a couple of older paintings that needed something extra, or something less.  I painted over parts of them and freshened up some areas….and, simplified areas addressing tangents, etc. 

I have a hard time making myself do this at times with my temperament and impatience… always seems that starting anew should be the best solution.  Sometimes it is….but, in many cases a revisit to an old piece is a satisfying experience!  The paintings below are two examples of what I mean by bringing old paintings back to life.  They are no longer in purgatory and are framed and ready to go.
Until next time, thanks for listening to my ramblings!

Hodges Soileau

 "Tangled", 12x16, oil on linen

"Untitled", 14x11, oil on linen 

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