Thursday, December 29, 2011

"Last Three Studio Painitings of 2011".

"Mystery of the Monarch" 24x20 oil on linen

These are my last three paintings for this year, 2011. This first painting, "Mystery of the Monarch",has been kicking around the studio for a few weeks. It was, as they say, done quickly over a period of time. It started out with a figure in it, and evolved to this......not sure if is a better solution than the one I started with, but I like it!

"Peaceful Summer Afternoon" 16x30 oil on linen is a larger version of a small painting I did last summer....."Summer Afternoon" 12x9 oil on linen. I always intended to do a larger one when I painted the study. There are always things that I am happier with in the studies, but overall, I think it translated fairly well into a bigger piece.

"Summer dreams and Smoked Mullet" 22x28 oil on linen

It will be interesting to see how this painting will be received. The customer base for this type of painting might not be as broad as some of my other subjects, but I think good bad or indifferent, I felt like I had to finish and not abandon this one. I consider it done, but who knows, I might tweak it some more in 2012. Happy New Year to all and I`ll see you next year.

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