Saturday, January 7, 2012

"Newest Small Studio Paintings"

This old flatbed truck came from a trip to a wonderful piece of property in my home town. On a recent trip to a class reunion, the owner of this great little bed and breakfast, Le Village, in Eunice, Louisiana has this old truck sitting like an old rusty piece of sculpture on the property. Of course my love for old rusty things made this an irresistible subject for me. It is only a 9x12 done very quickly, so not much time was invested. I just wanted to get it out of my system. There are, however, many scenes on this five acres that I have plans for paintings. Figures in landscape mostly. I am a little excited about the possibilities. The title of the painting is "Felicia`s Flatbed" named after our host and friend Felicia.

This little nocturne is from a trip to a farm a few years ago. I go back through reference occasionally and see things that I somehow over looked, or missed for one reason or another. This was a herd of grazing horses....there were six originally. I turned the shot into a black and white to see the values, and it suddenly looked like a night pasture, so I made up the color and used the values and information to make it a night scene. I usually do not do this sort of thing, but if it conveys the idea of night, then I think it is OK to do that. I would prefer to have experienced the actual night shot. I don`t know how convincing it is, but I like it, and ultimately that is what counts.....for me.


  1. Love them both, but I can't resist an old rusty truck. Looks great.

  2. What is it about old rusty, weathered stuff? Thanks Randy!