Friday, February 24, 2012

“Lula-Belle and the Preacher Fisherman”(Reasons for painting a narrative type painting)

I was recently asked the question, what is the painting “Lula-Belle and the Preacher Fisherman” about, and why did you want to paint this painting. My answer was that it first and foremost is about the relationship of the man and man’s best friend the dog (Lula-Belle). The obvious unconditional devotion this little dog has for her master was a pretty irresistible subject. There is a story here….I do not know the entire real story, but one can imagine a story of some kind in a narrative painting of this type. I guess the story depends on your point of view, or attitude, and sentiment towards this subject.

The painting is additionally, and possibly even more important, about the light…… most paintings are. Interesting dramatic sunlight in this case, that created patterns, and changes of temperature, was the catalyst for making me want to paint what might seem like an ordinary uninteresting subject. If the light is good, it can be something interesting and have possibilities to the artist.

The other thing about this particular painting that was fun, and I believe necessary for a successful outcome, was the opportunity afforded me for applying interesting textural paint applications. The background building and scattered objects, as well as the figures, have a wealth of textural variety that was not only challenging, but much fun for me! Of course, I am a sucker for old beat up buildings and weathered surfaces, so there you go.

One can ponder and over analyze this kind of stuff. I am usually not one to do that unless asked. I think it is OK to do this after the fact, but one should react to the subject without these types of overt considerations. They should be subconscious decisions. I try not to consciously be to aware of reasons for doing things……better to just react honestly to the subject. This was basically my answer to this question, and certainly does not necessarily reflect a universal opinion about this type of discussion. Someone else might have a totally different reason, or motivation for spending time doing something that ultimately should be most important to the artist. Thanks for listening to my ramblings.

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