Saturday, November 17, 2012

"Addition small format paintings", 6x6 inch squares.

"Evening Low Tide", 6x6, oil on linen panel.
This little study is going to be painted as a larger piece.  I like that late afternoon, evening light.  This was later in the afternoon, and the light was disappearing very quickly.  I tried to paint as though I had that urgency to catch the fleeting light....which is what occurs on location.  If one does this outdoors on a regular enough basis, it can be simulated in the studio.

"What a View", 6x6 oil on linen panel.
This one is probably my favorite of this grouping.  It is small of course, but I particularly like the idea that when I look at these out of context, they look as though they could be larger paintings.  It is a goal of mine to try to achieve this spontaneous response more consistently in my larger work....not always a easy thing to do.

"Creek Side",6x6 oil on linen panel.

"The Gardener",6x6 oil on linen panel.
This is a little concept study I did a while back.  It was an idea for a garden painting that I eventually had a model come to the studio and tried to duplicate.  The model session produced some valuable reference and sketches for additional paintings.  It did paint a large garden painting from this idea.

"Solitude", 6x6 oil on linen panel.
This little study was done prior to last years Third on Canvas event in Naples Florida.  I used the sketch and reference to produce a painting on the street in Naples, that was later auctioned off for the fundraiser.

Some, if not all of these small pieces will end up in miniature shows, or given as gifts, etc.  As always, thanks for listening to my Cajun Ramblings.

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