Saturday, February 2, 2013

"On the Easel".....literally!

This 28x22 yet untitled oil on linen is on my easel at the moment, and in progress.  I think it is near finish.  If anything, I might loosen a few edges, make values in the face closer, and just generally tweak.  Just below is a detail. 
I have painted four paintings on my new easel so far this year....and I'm really liking it.  Amazing how you forget that you missed something until you get it back.  I managed without a good easel for quite a few years.   


This little 10x8 was in The Richard Schmid annual auction a couple of years ago.  The larger painting above is based on this small work.  I always intended to do a larger piece.  There are things I like about the small one, and things I prefer about the larger one.  They are similar, but the large work is not intended to be a duplication of the little study.

Again, thanks for listening to my Cajun Ramblings.

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