Saturday, June 16, 2012

"The Chicken Coop"

"The Chicken Coop", 16x20 oil on linen
Well, I guess this is pretty much finished. I will let it sit around the studio for a bit....then take another look.
I think the reason I enjoyed painting this subject was not just because I wanted to do a chicken painting, but it reminded me of childhood images. I can't tell you how much this reminds me of the chicken coop situation we had when I was a young boy. I grew up with horses, raised pigeons, rabbits, and we had this chicken coop with this same type of fencing around it to keep predators I recall. Doing this painting brought it back. It is a very pleasant memory. I would not want to have to deal with the work and upkeep involved with it now.....but it was a happy time......of course, then came cars and everything else. Thanks for listening to my ramblings


  1. What a nice painting! Great detail. It brings back memories of my childhood as well when my grandparents had a chicken coop and wire fencing. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Carol, thanks for the comment. Interesting how painted images can evoke memories from one's past...I guess as long as they are good ones!