Saturday, December 22, 2012

"Waiting at Vizcaya" A conceptual, compositional study.

"Waiting at Vizcaya" 10x7 oil on linen panel

This is a very small sketch (10x7) of what is hopefully going to translate into a large 40x30 composition.  I recently visited Miami on a Portrait Society of America Academy event.  We had the opportunity to do the workshop on the grounds of Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, a wonderful fifty acre piece of property that is the former villa and estate of businessman James Deering.  Sargent painted a watercolor portrait of Deering.

The minute I saw this particular location at Vizcaya, downstairs circling the court yard, I saw a painting in my head.  Lately, I have doing a lot of these small studies.  This is a rough quick little sketch, but it sort of captures the feeling that I'm going for with this.  I will have to get my model in when I do the large version.  It wasn't necessary on this little one....details are minimal, and I'm still not completely sure of the attitude of the figure....sort of half way made up, but will be something along these lines.  I will post the large final painting when I complete it.  Hopefully after the Holidays I can start.  Thanks for listening to my Cajun ramblings.

Detail #1

Detail #2


  1. This is lovely, and I look forward to seeing the larger version. I was thinking that 10x7inches was awful small-- considering that big, beautiful easel you just got! (And I'm extremely jealous of :-) Happy Holidays!

    1. Kevin, are right, it is small, and it was done just prior to the Easel event. But, I can still do small stuff on this thing. I took it for a test drive yesterday....small painting 9x12. I have a lot of large ideas for these small things. Thanks for the comment man. Appreciate it, and Happy Holidays to you and yours.